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Zhejiang RaySea Technology CO. , Ltd. is a leading global technology supplier of VCSEL.

RaySea technology is positioned in the high-end market, engaged in the R & D and mass production of VCSEL chips, and comprehensively distributed in the fields of consumer electronics, data communication and automotive. Core members have 20 years of experience in leading product design and manufacturing in the world-class VCSEL company, covering all VCSEL design and manufacturing management fields such as epitaxial growth, process manufacturing, chip design and simulation, flip chip packaging, packaging, high frequency test and design, big data analysis, failure analysis, etc.

VCSEL Provider with Globally Leading Technology

In line with the global competition and customer service strategy, Raysea has set up branches and offices in the main customer locations in the world, with headquarters in Hangzhou, China, and branches and offices in Ningbo 、Shenzhen

Market areas of RaySea

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