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Raysea Technology adheres to the "people-oriented" scientific management system and advocates "cultivating people with effective learning, inspiring people with a reasonable system, exercising people with arduous work, attracting people with wonderful careers, and retaining people with sincere emotions." The value concept of talents to create an outstanding talent team that meets the future development direction of the company.

Join us, you can not only enjoy reasonable performance annual salary, highly competitive annual salary adjustment, but also enjoy weekends and weekends, five insurances and one housing fund, paid annual leave, free working meals, holiday gifts, team building activities, annual physical examinations, etc. Welfare policy.

Ningbo Raysea Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely invites you to join us to achieve a life with quality and depth!

Recruitment Hotline:0571-88505599

Recruitment Mailbox:HR@rayseasc.com

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