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The Top 100 List of China’s Future Unicorn in 2022 was released, and Raysea Technology won the title of China’s Future Unicorn Enterprise in 2022


The Outline of the Fourteenth Five Year Plan proposes to plan for future industries in a forward-looking way, which is an important strategic idea put forward by the country for the future, especially for the long-term goal of 2035. The characteristics of future industrial development can be summarized as four “new”. The first is to rely on new technology, the second is to lead new demand, the third is to create new power, and the fourth is to expand new space.

The data in 2021 shows that China has accelerated the strategic adjustment of the economic structure and economic transformation and upgrading, the industrial structure has been continuously optimized, and the endogenous power has been significantly improved. Advanced manufacturing, emerging services, “four new economies” and other industries, especially the “four new” economy represented by new technologies, new industries, new formats and new models, have become an important driver of China’s economic development.
On June 28, 2022, the one-stop industrial innovation service platform “Microchain” and China Investment and Development Promotion Association jointly released the 2022 Top 100 List of China’s Future Unicorn at the Sixth Growth Conference of Everything · China’s Future Unicorn Conference. Focusing on five major fields: enterprise service, artificial intelligence, new consumption, advanced manufacturing, and the meta universe, we will look for new and innovative forces in the future industry and explore China’s “four new” forces together.

Raysea Technology won the title of China’s future unicorn enterprise in 2022

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01 Enterprise service: new product+new mode+new management

In the enterprise service field, 20 high-quality young enterprises have been selected, mainly distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, involving the Internet of Things, cloud computing, SaaS, network security and other segments of the track, and are representative in new technologies, new models, new formats and other aspects. These enterprises have received considerable attention in the capital market in the past two years, and the average value of the latest round of financing exceeded 150 million yuan.

02 New consumption: online and offline in-depth integration to accelerate service innovation

The new business type adds a “firepower” to the new consumer market. During the epidemic, traditional consumer industries such as catering and retail were greatly impacted. Local governments emphasized and promoted the deep integration of online and offline consumption, and developed new formats and models to promote the recovery of life service consumption.

In the new consumption field, 20 high-quality enterprises have been selected. These enterprises have grown rapidly in the horse racing enclosure of the subdivided track such as mother and baby, washing and nursing, fast food, coffee, etc., and are favored by the world famous venture capital institutions such as Sequoia, GGV, SIG, etc.

03 Artificial intelligence: accelerate integration with traditional industries and make steady efforts

According to the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China’s artificial intelligence core industry has exceeded 400 billion (the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), and the number of enterprises has exceeded 3000, which has become a strong support for the construction of a manufacturing power, a network power, and a digital China.

The list selects 20 high growth enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence. These enterprises apply technology to the track of traditional industries such as medical, retail, automobile transportation, logistics, etc., and constantly create new business forms, new models, and new markets, effectively promoting the digital and intelligent transformation of all industries.

04 Advanced manufacturing: new business forms derived from integration with new technologies

04 Advanced manufacturing: under the influence of new technology, the production mode, enterprise form, business mode and employment mode of China’s manufacturing industry have accelerated changes, and the manufacturing industry is upgrading in terms of cost reduction, efficiency increase and green safety.

Advanced manufacturing high-quality enterprises have been hot in the capital market in recent two years. The list selected 20 high-quality enterprises in the advanced manufacturing field. The average financing amount of these enterprises in the latest round exceeded 250 million yuan, among which large amount financing occurred frequently in semiconductor, chip and other segments of the track.

05 Yuan universe: new industry, new blue ocean

As a new type of digital economy, the Metauniverse may rely on new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, VR/AR to set off a new wave of digitalization and reshape the global industry pattern. The list focuses on the underlying supporting technologies of the meta universe industry, and selects 20 high-quality enterprises from computer vision, VR/AR, NFT, cloud service and other tracks.

From the perspective of investors, there are not only globally renowned venture capital institutions, but also industry leaders and technology giants such as Alibaba, ByteDance, and March 7th Mutual Entertainment.

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